Re: on the fly audio cd copy

Subject: Re: on the fly audio cd copy
From: William K. Gibson (
Date: Wed Apr 12 2000 - 13:40:37 MDT

on 4/12/00 2:01 AM, Phil Kirschner at wrote:

> I have heard the cdrecord combined with cdda2wav can do on-the-fly audio cd
> copying. Is this true? Anybody get it to work? If so, do you remember the
> command you used to pipe cdda2wav through cdrecord?
> Just askin'....

Don't know about that but I use mp3c which is a console app that does
mp3/wav/aiff encoding from cds. It even names the songs for you. You can
find it at

--William K. Gibson
1stDesk Systems

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