Re: RS/6000 F50 is rebooting during installation

Subject: Re: RS/6000 F50 is rebooting during installation
From: Fabricio Barros Cabral (
Date: Wed Apr 12 2000 - 18:04:08 MDT

On Mon, 10 Apr 2000, Dan Burcaw wrote:

> Can you provide me with some detailed information about your system?
> Specifically, what firmware revision are you using? Also, what zImage are
> you using? (hopefully you're trying the zImage.noserial that I posted
> today :)

The version of firmware is WIL98091. I'm using the image of Champion 1.2
(zImage.initrd in /install/CHRP/zImage.initrd). The version of this kernel
is 2.2.12.

> Our F50 did have a problem in which it would reboot Linux (or the install
> for that matter) after about 10 minutes of use. This was due to a problem
> with the version of firmware that the F50 came with. Moving to a different
> firmware revision fixed the problem for us. Just in case you were
> wondering, this reboot is caused by the system's watchdog feature.

What can i do to update the firmware version? I'm installing of this Linux
thru FTP. This image (zImage.noserial) can be used to do it?

Thanks for help,
Fabricio B. Cabral a.k.a FX

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