Re: PowerBook 2000

Subject: Re: PowerBook 2000
From: Berneche Simon (bernechs@MAGELLAN.UMontreal.CA)
Date: Thu Apr 13 2000 - 12:04:04 MDT

Dan Burcaw wrote:
> Hi Simon,
> Try out the vmlinux test kernel at
> The test results vary a bit on our PB2000, and we're still playing with
> it a bit and sending info back to Ben (kernel developer working on the
> support).


I was able to run the YDL installer using Ben's kernel on my PB2000
following instructions found on the archives of (cf.
Steven G. Johnson and Henry Worth) and on the YDL support page (cf.

>From the Apple CD I made 4 partitions on my drive using Drive Setup:

1) 3GB HFS (type: "MacsOS standard")--> MacOS (hd:9 for OpenFirmware )

2) 32MB HFS (type: "MacsOS standard") --> boot partition in which I have
copied the contents of the Install folder from the YDL CS1.2 CD, except
that I have replace the kernel with Ben's vmlinux-2.2.15pre14-ben1
kernel. (hd:10 for OpenFirmware)

3) 128MB Swap (type: "A/UX Swap") (hd:11 for OpenFirmware)

4) ~8GB Linux (type: "A/UX Root") (hd:12 for OpenFirmware)

I have modified the Yaboot.conf to:

init-message = "\nWelcome\n"
timeout = 120
defaults = install

image= hd:10,vmlinux-2.2.15pre14-ben1

I then used Yaboot from the Open Firmware:

boot hd:10, yaboot.tbxi

So, I went through the installation except that I received an error for
the mouse configuration even before getting any list of possible

The Xconfigurator found the aty128 8MB, but later gave an error also
(maybe related to the the mouse problem??). I didn't want to use the
"novideo" option since I have read that it makes the LCD go crazy on the
PB2000 and that it should work without it.

I then boot in Linux the same way with this new yaboot.conf file:

timeout = 120
image= hd:10,\\vmlinux-2.2.15pre14-ben1
label= linux

I was able to login as root. I tried running setup to fix the mouse
problem, but I just get a rapid screen change... to fast to read
anything, and the F-keys didn't allow me to see anything else.


1) What is the role, if they have any, of the "\\" in front of
vmlinux-2.2.15pre14-ben1 in the yaboot.conf file?

2) The installation as I did it uses Ben's kernel but not his
patch,module, What is the dependancy of the kernel in the
MacOS boot partition and the files in the /boot directory? Do I have to
duplicate the kernel: one in the HFS partition and another one in the
/boot directory?

3) During the installation, I asked Linux to mount the two HFS
partition. I see them (/mac1 and /mac2) but they're empty. I don't see
them in /etc/fstab. It will be the easiest way for me to update the
/boot directory if I could mount those HFS partitions.

4) What can I do for the Mouse config? Xconfig can wait for now.



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