Re: Mouse Configurator problem (PB2000)

Subject: Re: Mouse Configurator problem (PB2000)
From: Dan Burcaw (
Date: Thu Apr 13 2000 - 16:33:46 MDT

> Hi again,
> I'm running YDL on a PB2000 500 MHz and have problem with the mouse
> configurator in the installer or the setup command.
> The Kernel is able to find the mouse (trackpad or USB Unimouse) as
> reported in the boot.log or "messages". The problem seems to come from
> the installer (I saw in the YDL Installer Guide that the Mouse Config
> error is sometime due to insufficient disk space, but "df" reports more
> than 8GB of free space!). When I run "setup" and try the Mouse
> Configuration it produces a core dump and I have to type "exit" to
> logout, then I can login again (that's the cleanest way I have
> found...).

In your case, this is a problem with Ben H's precompiled kernels for the
Pismo. I've asked that he add a USB option that our mouseconfig program
needs until we release an "official" set of kernel files to add Pismo
support and some other things..

For now, just make sure your /etc/sysconfig/mouse looks something like:

FULLNAME="Universal Serial Bus Mouse (USB)"

Your /etc/sysconfig/keyboard should look something like:


> Did this error occur on other type of computer?

No, see above.


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