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Subject: Re: Chooser No Show
From: John L Grantham (
Date: Fri Apr 14 2000 - 09:37:38 MDT

At 8:29 Uhr -0400 14.04.2000, jsnow wrote:
>I have a server running atalk which does not show up in the Chooser of
>any of my G4's. I can manually enter the IP address, but my designers
>are whining because they can't just click on the server. I have a
>bare-bones, empty atalkd.conf file. Any suggesstions? I don't see a
>way to "name" the machine, so I assume this is automatically the
>HOSTNAME of the machine.

You just need a line like this in /etc/atalk/afpd.conf:

MyServer -tcp -ddp -noguest -cleartxt -loginmesg "Hope you're happy! It works!"

This will make your server show up in the Chooser as "MyServer",
allows connections via AppleTalk or ASIP/TCP, blocks guests and
greets the cantankerous designer with a message they deserve. ;-)

(FWIW I'm a designer, too, just not quite so helpless. ;-) )

Then, to set up the directories that show up upon logging in, you use
AppleVolumes.default, which should have something like this:

~ "Home" # The user's home directory,
                                     # usually /home/username
/home/httpd/html "Web Server" # For Web documents
~/public_html "Personal Server" # For the user's own HTTP directory

The names in quote marks are the names of the mount points that show
up when the user double-clicks the AppleTalk server name in the

Of course, you have to set the permissions properly for people to
read and write in those directories. Using groups is especially
useful to give the designers access to the Web server but keep them
away from other stuff.

Hope that helps,

(who just got done configuring his "new" PM 9500/132 for netatalk ;-) )


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