Re: please help

Subject: Re: please help
From: Nathan Zimpfer (
Date: Sun Apr 16 2000 - 11:14:46 MDT

    from reading your posts it seems that your problem is not file related
but file location related. the yaboot.conf, yaboot.tbxi and vmlinux should
just be inside the hard drive NOT in the system folder. I believe that OF
does not have the ability to read directories on the hard drive, that is why
you are getting the "image not found" bit.

as a redundancy edit you yaboot.comf to be.

timeout = 5
default = linux
image = hd:8,\vmlinux
label = linux

this will boot the kernel as soon as you enter the yaboot utility. If and
when you get to the login, login and at the prompt type startX. If the
screen goes blank, temporarily add the novideo (one word) the the last line
of the yaboot.conf until you can get you monitor properly configured.
    Just to clarify jim cole stated if and when you want to boot your macOS
simply let the machine start normally and do not enter OF. You only need to
enter OF if you want to boot linux. I hope this to change soon.


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