Re: YDL 1.2 on new G4

Subject: Re: YDL 1.2 on new G4
From: Dan Burcaw (
Date: Sun Apr 16 2000 - 15:52:04 MDT

> I had the same problems with YDL on my Sawtooth G4. I sent a request for
> tech help to YDL for 2 problems. I only received a answer on my yaboot
> problem (same as yours, they should put in the manual to also take note of
> the HD your Mac system/yaboot.tbxi is on because there is know way to find
> out in the MacOS what the partition number is).
> My second problem is the resolution problem. I did some research on my own
> (It seems YD is not responding to my request). I did find some info
> ( on "Xpmac". The problem is when I download it it is
> not reconized by X (maybe because Netscape unstuffed it?). I can get it via
> ftp from my MacOS but there is no way to get it over to linux. I will keep
> trying. I wish I could get some better instructions on what to do with this
> file.

Is your Sawtooth fairly new? The newest Sawtooths have the Rage 128 Pro
video card which doesn't have full support in the shipping kernel.
Today I'm working on our standardized errata system and once I'm
done we'll get some updates out. (for the Rage 128 Pro cards, Pismo, and a
few other little items).

Also, please send me your support ID in private email and I'll check into
your support problem.


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