Re: tape drives for backups?

Subject: Re: tape drives for backups?
From: Paul J. Lucas (
Date: Mon Apr 17 2000 - 09:37:53 MDT

On Sun, 16 Apr 2000, Chuq Von Rospach wrote:

> What are people using for backups? I've got an older DAT drive
> attached to my YD machine via SCSI, but it seems to be glitchy (hangs
> at times...). What type of drives are people using successfully? Or
> is this a known problem?

        I'm thinking of using a USB drive so I can dis/connect it
        without having to poweroff. Anybody have manufacturer

        Somebody else also suggested a "network drive" that you just
        plug into your Ethernet and it has enough smarts it in to
        appear as an NFS host.

        - Paul

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