Re: Still no CD sound

Subject: Re: Still no CD sound
From: John Boyarsky (
Date: Tue Apr 18 2000 - 01:34:09 MDT


that's a real good question. Does anyone on the list know if the G3
All-In-One has direct analog to the sound card or not?

I DO know the CD plays fine thru the Mac, in fact with my external
speakers it ROCKS!!!

Hmm that's an idea.. maybe i should try unplugging the external
speakers, maybe it is playing thru the internal speakers, and just not
outputting to the headphone jack.. I'll check

Meantime I hope I'm not S-O-L.


John Boyarsky
listening for an answer while standing on the Arctic Circle...

Does your CD drive use an analog output to connect to the sound card? If

so, is the cable there and connected? If it doesn't use an analog
as with some of the newer machines, then you might be SOL for the time
being. Least that is what I was told when I couldn't get CD sound on a
haven't had time to explore the issue further.


John Boyarsky's bits of Mon, 17 Apr 2000 translated to:

>Well, after many tries I still have no Audio CD sound. I DO have system

>sound running fine, thanks for the etc/conf.modules edit.
>I put the audio CD in and hit play, the CD player counts it down like
>it's playing but I get nothing.
>I have tried:
>--playing with the mixer
>--making SURE my Mac's sound is NOT muted (It is not)
>--checking that the CD Drive really IS hdb
>I have a G3 All-In-One, 266 w/160MB ram.
>Any help
>John Boyarsky
>Hey Cool! Big Dave reynolds has problems too! (MacAddict fan!)
>Next I work on Video in...

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