Re: AW: Help needed / Installation CS 1.2 on 43P 150!

Subject: Re: AW: Help needed / Installation CS 1.2 on 43P 150!
From: Christoph Wissing (
Date: Wed Apr 19 2000 - 07:46:12 MDT

Hi again,

> The graphics card is a GXT2000 (something from Matrox, don't know exactly).

Ah, that's the point. Only G??130 and 120 (sorry I don't know the letters)
are supported. You need a supported card in order to see something one the
screen. This doesn't depend on X as far as I know.

There could by a way-out for you anyway: using a serial console.

A few days/weeks(?) ago a new kernel image that should support it was
announced. Look at the archives or feel free to contact me in a privat
e-mail. I saved the path somewhere...

> Maybe really the graphics card?

Perhaps I am completely wrong. If you have accress to one of the supported
cards you can rule out the problem if just test one of them.

> Thanks for your answer.

With out help from mailing lists I would never have manged to get LinuxPPC
running on "my" 43P-150.



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