Newbie with a Pismo, Continued!

Subject: Newbie with a Pismo, Continued!
From: Chris Woo (
Date: Wed Apr 19 2000 - 14:53:57 MDT

Well, I got YDCS 1.2 to install on my PowerBook G3/500. You can view my
ongoing documentation on how I got it to work on my laptop. Some of my
outstanding problems that I hope you good folk can help me with:

I would like to mount my HFS Standard partition in Linux, and I am aware
that I need to use pdisk and the mount command to do this, but I am not
quite sure how to actually go about starting this process.

Do I need to modify my partition map via pdisk so that the HFS partition is
linked to a mount point?

Assuming I am able to do this, I would then type at the command prompt
something like:

mount hfs hda# /whatever

Am I on the right track?

Chris Woo

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