Re: JDK 1.2.2 and pre 2.2.14 kernels

Subject: Re: JDK 1.2.2 and pre 2.2.14 kernels
From: Jim Cole (
Date: Thu Apr 20 2000 - 16:02:29 MDT

Hi - If you are running a stock CS 1.2 install, then you should have
a 2.2.15pre7 kernel. This is newer than 2.2.14pre6, so the issues with
older kernels should not be relevant.


Darren Shelton's bits of Thu, 20 Apr 2000 translated to:

>I am currently running the jdk1.1.8 on a stock ydl champion server1.2
>There are several reasons that i want to go to the the 1.2.2 java
>toolkit, but the docs from
> say the native_threads of the 1.2.2 jdk will not work
>properly on a kernel prior to
>2.2.14 pre6 (only green_threads). I perused the ftp archives and found
>only rpms for the 2.2.12
>kernels in the yellowdog dirs. Has anyone assembled a 2.2.14 into an rpm
>or am i going to have
>to download and install kernel source?
>P.S. Is anyone running the jdk 1.2.2 on a kernel older than 2.2.14pre6
>with success and what are the limitations of not having the
>native_threads available?

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