Re: no sound using a B&W G3 with CS 1.1 and kernel 2.2.6-16 (still)

Subject: Re: no sound using a B&W G3 with CS 1.1 and kernel 2.2.6-16 (still)
From: Jim Cole (
Date: Sat Apr 22 2000 - 23:32:45 MDT

If I recall correctly, the final word ended up being that sound was compiled
into the kernel that came with the CS 1.1 distro. In other words, there is
no sound module for that kernel; in theory you don't need one. I know it is
a bit of hassle, but you might want to try upgrading your kernel and see if
that does any good. Or maybe even upgrade to CS 1.2 if possible.


Robert Fout's bits of Sat, 22 Apr 2000 translated to:

>Hi folks,
>STILL trying to get sound to work on my machine :)
>Here's the scoop. /sbin/lsmod shows this:
>[root@bigblue /sbin]# ./lsmod
>Module Size Used by
>nls_iso8859-1 2264 0 (autoclean)
>ide-cd 25540 0 (autoclean)
>cdrom 13744 0 (autoclean) [ide-cd]
>isofs 18544 0 (autoclean)
>ppp 23836 2 (autoclean)
>slhc 4240 1 (autoclean) [ppp]
>and when i try to load the sound module
>[root@bigblue /sbin]# ./insmod dmasound
>insmod: dmasound: no module by that name found
>[root@bigblue /sbin]# ./insmod sound
>insmod: sound: no module by that name found
>and this what my /etc/conf.modules is
>[root@bigblue /etc]# more conf.modules
>alias sound dmasound
>Where can I get the sound module, and once I do get it, where does it go on my
>system? How do I then activate it?
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