Dialing out and no sound

Subject: Dialing out and no sound
From: Walt Storer (walts@harborside.com)
Date: Sun Apr 23 2000 - 12:19:47 MDT


 Thanks for the response to my previous questions. Following the advice cleared
most of the problems. But, some new things have arisen!

 1. There are two dialup setups, one under the yellowdog menu item and the other
being "kppp". I set up both and determined that indeed the modem was working and
that it could dial out successfully to my local ISP. I had the log window on.
This window showed that the number was reached ok but then nothing happened even
tho I had set up all the info ( login name, password, DNS's). The login window
said "waiting for 'CONNECT'. Does this mean I have a problem with my ISP dialog
or is there something omitted in my setup - or should I try to setup a manual
login procedure ( I had to do that with a Caldera install on a WINTEL system)?
Obviously, I don't know if Netscape will launch properly, too.

 2. There is NO sound, nada, not a beep even from the simple system beep setup.
I cannot even find a location for anything resembling a 'volune' control. What
obvious thing am I missing? I have NOT tried the CD player yet because it seems
pointless to do so if a simple system sound does not occur.

 Thank you for myour interest and help!

 Walt Storer

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