Re: Dialing out and no sound

Subject: Re: Dialing out and no sound
From: Jim Cole (
Date: Sun Apr 23 2000 - 18:50:40 MDT

Walt Storer's bits of Sun, 23 Apr 2000 translated to:

>said "waiting for 'CONNECT'. Does this mean I have a problem with my ISP dialog
>or is there something omitted in my setup - or should I try to setup a manual
>login procedure ( I had to do that with a Caldera install on a WINTEL system)?
>Obviously, I don't know if Netscape will launch properly, too.
Sounds like something might be wrong with your dialog. Generally, a CONNECT
message will be kicked out as soon as you have a valid connection with your
ISP. You probably want to do a manual login and carefully record all messages
sent to you as well as the replies you send. Then make sure your dialog is
written to look for and send the information you recorded.

> 2. There is NO sound, nada, not a beep even from the simple system beep setup.
>I cannot even find a location for anything resembling a 'volune' control. What
>obvious thing am I missing? I have NOT tried the CD player yet because it seems
>pointless to do so if a simple system sound does not occur.
Are you using CS 1.2? If so, have you done...

    Add: 'alias sound dmasound' to your /etc/conf.modules file
    and reboot your system. Sound should be activated :)

For volume you probably want to play with one of the mixers. Both kmix and
gmix should do the job.


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