stop polling eth0 on boot [was:boot problem on iMac rev.D]

Subject: stop polling eth0 on boot [was:boot problem on iMac rev.D]
From: Dan (
Date: Sun Apr 23 2000 - 19:12:28 MDT

Hi, sorry to repost this, but the bit of the archive that should have this
doesn't exist (April 4) and I've lost the response I got,


install worked fine and booted without any problems, except that during the
boot the boot log tells me that it's trying to establish the ethernet system
in spite of the I am using the machine at home and told setup not to use a
LAN. Not being connected to an ethernet obviously the boot fails this part. Is
this a problem? - I still get the system booted, it just takes a long time.
How can I prevent the boot from trying to get eth0 established?



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