USB Devices

Subject: USB Devices
From: Dan Burcaw (
Date: Wed Apr 26 2000 - 15:06:18 MDT

Hey all,

I recieved the below message and would like to hear if any of you have had
success with any of the peripherals that Eric asks about.



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Date: Thu, 20 Apr 2000 22:39:57 +0200
From: Eric Aouanes <>
Subject: I need help for the installation of yellowdog package!

I am a fan of the linux philosophy, but I am a very new performer!
Before the installation of the yellowdog package, I want to be secure in
a lot of points wich are very gloomy for me.
At first, please see here my computer's configuration :

   * Imac first model with a 4G hard drive
   * 96Mo of RAM
   * An Epson stylus photo 750 printer
   * An Umax Astra 1220U scanner
   * A one button mousse

How can I be certain that my linux recocnize my peripherics well ? Can
you see me a method for the installation ?

I want to use linux in graphism and music, I will buy shortly :

   * A CDwriter
   * A good sound card
   * Midi and audio USB outputs
   * USB concentrator

Can you give me a list of peripherics witch have a good compatibility
with the linux OS.
More technical : can you show me an (or some) "ideal" partition(s) for
this kind of applications (I want to use exclusively linux on my

About the booting method, if I don't use macOS in the future, do I chose
Bootx or Yaboot ?
Another question is for the modem configuration : if I let macOS, all of
the mac internet applications will be unusual : can you see me how to
configure my internal modem for linux ?(If the instructions of the
yellowdog package failed)
The last question is about the package in wich I have found two CDrom,
one is intituled "installation CD", and the other is intituled "source
CD". My question : the manual don't speak about the "source CD", what do
I do with this CD ?

I thank you in advance for your precious help,
Bordeaux (France)
e :

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