RE: Sound on a G4

Subject: RE: Sound on a G4
From: Jeff Ridder (
Date: Wed Apr 26 2000 - 21:55:01 MDT

This is also the same issue with any new iMac, iBook's, and Powerbook
Firewires. The new systems pull the audio tracks off of the CD's digitally
and then convert them to audio.

Jeff Ridder

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> Subject: Re: Sound on a G4
> Gary Browning's bits of Wed, 26 Apr 2000 translated to:
> >KDE and GNOME, I cannot get audio CDs to play. The CD
> >spins up, the CD Player app counts tracks/timing; however,
> >there is absolutely no sound. Also xmms remains quiet.
> I encountered the same problem with audio CD's on my G4.
> Someone on the list pointed out that the drives used by
> the G4's don't support analog output (the analog cable
> connected to the sound card). Thus no sound with the
> various CD player apps.
> Jim

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