Re: changing modem init

Subject: Re: changing modem init
Date: Fri Apr 28 2000 - 20:13:46 MDT

Bryce Verdier wrote:

> alright, i have been having this problem for a while, but i can't find any info
> on how to change the init string on my modem... it is a external supra 56k
> modem, and i don't know where or how i'm supposed to change that damn string so
> that i can get it to dial out to the internet.
> thanks guys.
> b.

Most modems use the basic Hayes Command Set.

but try Supra's web site. There may be some additional commands for the supra.

Here are some basic ones I know:

at&f0 will get the modem's attention and load the factory default settings

add any of the following:

L0 for lowest speaker volume
L1 for low speaker volume
L2 for medium
L3 for high

M0 Speaker is always off
M1 speaker is on until the modem detects a carrier
M2 Speaker is always on
M3 Speaker is off unless answering

to dial,

ATDT plus the phone #.

KPPP works for me. You can poke around in the setup and put in things like


If F0 doesnt work try just F

Lucent has a doc on their web site giving details on the AT command set for "Host
based controllers"
It's got everything.

Apple has a doc called AT Commands for the Apple Internal Modem on their support


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