setting up dialup to paranoid hosts

Subject: setting up dialup to paranoid hosts
From: Dan (
Date: Fri Apr 28 2000 - 21:21:20 MDT

Hi All,
I have successfully set up linux on my machine so that it is running happily
in isolation from other machines (thankyou everyone who has helped me
bootstrap myself this far). My next goal is to get the machine to interact
with our university network from home. This seems alittle daunting to me
because of the level of paranoia displayed by our IT division: I have to get
through the modem pool and a fire wall and dynamically assign my local IP (how
does this fit in with having an IP specified in the hosts file). Where should
I look to find information about doing this kind of thing. And what kinds of
questions should I ask my local network administrator? I have only the barest
of knowledge of how modern networks function, but I guess this is as good a
time to learn as any.
Any help/direction would be greatly appreciated as I currently have to do all
of my network interfacing through MacOS and then shuttle to Linux.


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