Re: PS1= question

Subject: Re: PS1= question
From: Craig (
Date: Sun Apr 30 2000 - 16:03:55 MDT

> OK, one quick one. If I use PS1='\h:\w ' to set (in bash) the command
> prompt so I can see the directory I am currently in, how can I get this to
> automatically happen every time? As is now, I have to enter it every time I
> open a new term window, very annoying, is there a way to set this as a
> default?

in your $HOME directory, add it to the .bash_profile file, or make a new one
by that name and put it there.
 or if you have multiple users who you want to
have default to this same prompt, put it in /etc/profile:

PS1="\h:\w "
<other var>=
export PS1 <other vars>

root's prompt is not affected by this though, but I don't want to make root
look like the other users, personally.


> thanks
> -rogan

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