CS 1.2 on 8500 - cannot start X

Subject: CS 1.2 on 8500 - cannot start X
From: John Schmitt (johnschmitt@home.com)
Date: Sun Apr 30 2000 - 20:20:08 MDT


I just picked up the CS 1.2 CDs from Fry's. The installation went well, but
I cannot get X to start. I've re-run Xconfigurator a bunch of times. I
have a standard Apple 17" monitor attached to the built-in monitor

The message I'm getting lists a ton of details. It does find the "control"
Graphics Device ID, which is good, I think. It lists a lot of modes but
then says that "640x480" needs hsync freq of 31.47khz and then deletes it.
Why? It gets the monitor ID correct. At the end of the report, it says
that no modes were found, fatal server error.

What's up with this?

PS How do I capture the text is so that I could send the whole report?

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