Re: Printing ?

Subject: Re: Printing ?
From: Charles Lepple (
Date: Sun Apr 01 2001 - 16:24:50 MDT

--On Sunday, April 1, 2001 4:54 PM -0500 Barry Sparenborg
<> wrote:

> edited the device infor in the /etc/printcap file. Tried to print a test
> page, through printtool, the data light comes on at the printer but
> nothing comes out. I suspect the port is setup incorrectly so went out
> and found a page on setting up Epson Printers. Tried what it sugested
> but still dont work.

Try sending a two+ page document. If it prints all but the last page, you
should look at the filter and see if there's a way to automatically send a
form feed (ASCII 12) to the printer after it's done printing. If your
printer has a form feed or page eject button, that might do the trick too
(until you figure out what has to be sent to eject the page automatically).

If the page comes out in stair-step fashion, mention that in your next post
- I'm sure someone on the list will recall how to fix that. (I had these
problems on a PC with an HP DeskJet.)

Charles Lepple <>

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