Re: Open Firmware Question

Subject: Re: Open Firmware Question
From: deadbeef (
Date: Mon Apr 02 2001 - 10:30:18 MDT

On Friday, March 30, 2001, at 01:40 PM, BX wrote:

> Zap the PRAM (parameter RAM).
> Hold down command, option, P, and R after the system chime, and
> continue to
> hold till it reboots 3 times. In other words, hold it down till you hear
> the system chime 3 times. Sometimes just once is enough, but Apple has
> told
> me 3 times will make sure its reset. (at least, thats what their tech
> guy
> told me 5 years ago when i had a monitor problem).

The "Apple tech guy" was smokin' something. Resetting PRAM works,
once. Resetting PRAM multiple times is like running the same program
multiple times. You don't get more reset; it was reset the first time.

Just hold down command,option,P and R and listen for the bong, don't use
the bong.

I've seen this voodoo mentioned many times. It's just voodoo.

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