Re: ydl-cs1_2-install.iso

Subject: Re: ydl-cs1_2-install.iso
From: cdowns (
Date: Wed Apr 04 2001 - 10:55:53 MDT

Leo Zhuk wrote:

> I have downloaded and burned to CD this
> ydl-cs1_2-install.iso (654.6MB) file. I am the point
> where install app is asking for "type of media that
> contains packages to be installed?". When I select
> "local CD-ROM" and insert disk with this ISO file.
> It's not recognizing it. Do I have to convert this
> file in to something else? Thanks.
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the iso file should have been converted into a regular cd. if not the
burn is incorrect. make sure you create cd from iso image.


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