Subject: curiosity
From: Donn Tarris (
Date: Fri Apr 06 2001 - 01:03:30 MDT

I have a couple of questions if anyone has the time, or the knowledge.

1. Is there anyone running Office (Star Office 5.2?) on a PPC Mac YDL
1.2.1 system? If so, what kernel are you using?

2. How many PPC users are out there? Has anyone done a count to see
lately? I attended the local Comdex show a few weeks ago and it was
interesting to listen to someone at one of the booths (a supplier of
Palm s/w I believe) saying how linux in general was dying a relatively
quick death in the US in particular. I found this interesting in that
timing-wise, I don't think OS X could have been introduced at a better
time, NOT supporting anything but Apple G3's and above. This leaves a
marketplace wide open for the installed base of PPC Macs to have added
functionality through the use of linux... any thoughts?

Cheers! Time to hit the hay in Maple Ridge BC Canada!

Donn Tarris

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