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Subject: Re: curiosity
From: Graham Leggett (
Date: Fri Apr 06 2001 - 08:36:32 MDT

Donn Tarris wrote:

> 2. How many PPC users are out there? Has anyone done a count to see
> lately? I attended the local Comdex show a few weeks ago and it was
> interesting to listen to someone at one of the booths (a supplier of
> Palm s/w I believe) saying how linux in general was dying a relatively
> quick death in the US in particular.

I always smile when I see predictions on Linux's success or failure, or
the number of users out there. The basic fact is that this is almost
completely unmeasurable, as Linux' installed base is not based on
software sales or licence shipments. As a result predictions like this
always rate high on my bull*** meter.

> I found this interesting in that
> timing-wise, I don't think OS X could have been introduced at a better
> time, NOT supporting anything but Apple G3's and above. This leaves a
> marketplace wide open for the installed base of PPC Macs to have added
> functionality through the use of linux... any thoughts?

I like the fact that OS X doesn't run on anything less than a G3 - it
means that the product is not compromising on features or performance
for the benefit of supporting ancient technology. Yes - Linux will fill
the gap with the older machines, but as these machines are more likely
to be deployed as servers of various kinds, Linux is ideal for these


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