Re: Help with routing

Subject: Re: Help with routing
From: John Duarte (
Date: Fri Apr 06 2001 - 11:17:01 MDT

Thanks to everyone for their help.
I got everything working by inserting a MASQ rule for both networks before

ipchains -I forward -p all -b -s -d -j MASQ

I can now ping ok, with one exception. I can't ping the routers 128.* card
from the 192.*
network, but I can ping the routers 192.* card from the 128.* network. I
just mention
it as an FYI.

Thanks again. My next problem will come under a seperate email

>Add another chain but reverse the -s and -d addresses, that might be the

The -b switch takes care of that automatically, as I learned after reading
the HOWTO. ;-)

>> I added the ipchain provided. I can now ping the from a
>> workstation on the side, but I can't ping any machines on the
>> actual network.

>> >ipchains -A forward -p any -b -s -d -j
>> >
>> >Which is the actual forwarding Rule for the Kernel!
>> >
>> >See ya
>> >
>> >PS Hope this is what you were looking for!

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