Re: Linux v2.4.x -> getting it to work?

Subject: Re: Linux v2.4.x -> getting it to work?
From: Graham Leggett (
Date: Sat Apr 07 2001 - 17:02:08 MDT

Iain Stevenson wrote:

> I'd hazard a guess that this is something to do with the input layer - which
> you probably haven't set up. The documentation for the 2.4.x kernel
> mentione a few things you need to update (eg ipchains is replaced by
> iptables) - but these were no big deal for me.
> The input layer was introduced with 2.2.18 so you may find appropriate
> configuration information by doing a search on that version. I upgraded
> through 2.2.18 to 2.4.2 with no problems.

When I upgraded to v2.2.18 all I needed to do was make some changes to
the /dev/ tree to support the mouse. I had no problems with the

With v2.4.3 the ADB keyboard is completely dead - and there doesn't seem
to be any docs out there that I can find to explain what (if anything)
needs to be done to get things working. (The Documentation directory
with the kernel is of little help)

Anyone know of any v2.4.x kernel documentation that would help with


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