Re: Help with Netatalk (routing)

Subject: Re: Help with Netatalk (routing)
From: John Duarte (
Date: Tue Apr 10 2001 - 07:17:11 MDT

Plan B worked. Thanks for your help.

No need to increase the net range. The way appletalk address numbering
works there are 253 available nodes per network address. A net range of
1000-1001 gives me openings for 506 devices.

For the benefit of others on the mailing list here is a good link regarding

>John Duarte wrote:
>> I tried disconnecting the network cables. When I start atalk it comes up
>> with wth following message:
>> Transmit timed out, status e4000000 CSR12 45e1d0cc, resetting...
>> I then reconnected the cables. The 1000-1001 net range worked fine, but the
>> appletalk services in the 2000-2001 range would drop about every 10
>> seconds. How do I get a stable connection on eth1? It's not the hardware,
>> because I can simply put an eth0 or an eth1 in atalkd.conf and everything
>> works fine.
>Did you try increasing the range of the -net statements? As I understand
>it these describe the range of possible addresses for devices on that
>physical wire. A net range of 2000-2001 is two devices.
>If disconnecting the cables is not working, plan B is to switch off (or
>disconnect) all the appletalk devices and start up netatalk. Once it's
>up and running, restart the other appletalk devices. These devices will
>then choose addresses that fit in with your netatalk configuration.
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