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Subject: Re: Updating packages.........
From: Pete Peters (
Date: Tue Apr 10 2001 - 10:00:25 MDT


Just rejoined the list, so not familiar w/ the complete thread. I would
like to say that I've found the YDL list to be a *HECK* of a lot more
responsive that the LinuxPPC list. I tried the 1999 version that came w/ my
PowerLogix G3 card. It installed fine, but I needed to upgrade to the 2000
version. If you think going from the 2.2.17 kernel to 2.2.18 was bad.....
Anyway, that's when I learned that there are many brilliant people in that
group, but almost an old-school attitude of "figure it out yourself and
maybe then we'll talk to you." I had several other people email me that
they had the same perceptions. I also felt the LinuxPPC distro to be
inferior to YDL, but, to be fair, 2000 was not a good year for the LinuxPPC
folks. Of course, all of this is IMHO and YMMV.

Btw, there was a change to the input layer that required you to reconfigure
to get the mouse to work -- I think it took me a few minutes to figure it
out. I don't remember the specifics, but it is/was documented on BenH's
site (hmmmm, that one still up?) and in too many posts.

As for X, I think XF3.3.6 is what was included, and there *ARE* a bunch of
hoops to jump through to go to XF4.x, especially if you want to roll back.
I myself was still using Xpmac-rev10 because I could *NEVER* get XF3.x to
work. I'm sure much of this was due to my Rage128 Orion video card.
Unfortunately, I have everything in storage now pending moving, so can't
look anything up.

I also agree that getting a simple GUI installer to work is critical to
wider acceptance of YDL, and, as a software tester, can understand the
frustrations at Terra Soft that are delaying final release.

Good luck. At least it's Linux on a Mac.

"Are we having fun yet?"

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> AC-Done wrote:
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> > Is linux or even YD 2.0 dead?
> As an experiment (which most of my linux installing has been up to this
> point), I have tried and succeeded in loading the version 1.2.17xxx
> version of YDL and had networking, keyboard, monitor and mouse all
> working fine.
> When I updated to 1.2.18xxx, the changes in the way that the system sees
> the monitor and the mouse won't let me get that configuration working.
> It appears the version of X that ships with the 1.2.1 YDL is quite old
> and that may even be some of my particular problems encountered.
> Kernel is only a dream at this point for me, but sounds like it
> would solve some issues surrounding peripherals and connections, even on
> my old 9500/132/G3 upgraded PPC.
> After yet another round of experimenting going back to xxx.17xxx and
> upping to xxx.18xxx and then not able to easily get back because I
> didn't copy a couple of files over to my backup, I decided to (perhaps
> temporarily, as I'm in mid-linux boot at this moment) try downloading
> the offering from LinuxPPC and try their graphic installation process.
> The download worked fine, the CD burn went fine, and the install
> appeared to work... now I just have to boot into it to see if it did
> work, and find out what versions of everything I've got...
> I would agree that it needs to work, from installation on up for more
> people to jump on board. Most are not as willing as I am to "destroy"
> and existing machine setup to "play" around and see if they can get
> something to work. I think we must remember though that this is
> generally a magnanamous offering from a group of primarily volunteer
> types AND that PPCs in the marketplace are far outnumbered by the
> dreaded Intel army... but I would love to see the "little" 'guin win in
> the end, including on PPCs (because I'm a Mac lover). It has been a fun
> learning curve basically... still have hair on my head!
> I'll keep an eye on what all of you are doing in YDL land - I'm off for
> now. I thank all of you who did reply to some of my requests for help,
> but mostly my own cries (really more like whispers) for help went
> Cheers! and good luck!!
> Sincerely,
> Donn Tarris
> Maple Ridge BC
> Canada

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