Re: YDL 2.0 (Was Re: OS X drain)

Subject: Re: YDL 2.0 (Was Re: OS X drain)
From: Chris Ruprecht (
Date: Mon Apr 16 2001 - 14:26:05 MDT

Well, I didn't know about them to begin with ;-) - and then, I seem to be on one of the best phone lines, Bell can provide - on a good day, I can manage 26.4 KBit/sec over a 56K modem. How big is XF4? if it's more than 10 MB, I might never be able to d/l it in one chunk, the line would drop multiple times before I get anywhere with it, Hi-Tech at it's best.

Can you point me to a place where I can have a look the their size?

I was mainly waiting for 2.0 because I can get that on a CD - no d/l required

Thanks and best regards,

Chris Ruprecht
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>>> 04/16/01 03:05PM >>> on 16/4/01 6:37 pm, Chris Ruprecht at wrote:

> Hi all, > > Does anybody know what 2.0 will bring? I have an ATI Rage Orion in my 9600 > which doesn't get recognized by XFree 3.x (whatever version came with CS > 1.2.1) - It tells me it's not accelerated, not quite what I want.

Why wait for 2.0 ? Why not install Hollis' XF4 RPMs? They've worked on my 9600 with a Rage Orion for months!


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