Re: Apache + PHP in 2.0?

Subject: Re: Apache + PHP in 2.0?
From: Randall Perry (
Date: Mon Apr 16 2001 - 21:47:41 MDT

> From: Charles Eggers <>
> I recently installed Apache 1.3.19 and PHP 4.0 from source that I downloaded.
> It took a while and a few tries, plus a lot of digging through the docs, and
> when it was finally done I made up some notes, printed them out, and pasted
> them in my notebook to avoid having to relearn everything at another time.

Followed your instructions and also checked out the FAQ and install docs.
The PHP docs said to do the following:

The only thing left to do is to edit your httpd.conf file and make sure the
PHP 4 mime type is there and uncommented. You need a line that looks like

   AddType application/x-httpd-php .php

Well, Apache & PHP are talking now, but instead of serving .php pages,
they're treated as file downloads when accessed through a web browser.

What's that about?

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