Re: Limitation of groups per user??????

Subject: Re: Limitation of groups per user??????
From: Charles Lepple (
Date: Tue Apr 17 2001 - 16:35:43 MDT

--On Tuesday, April 17, 2001 5:05 PM -0400 Robert Vogt IV
<> wrote:

> Hey all,
> Is there a limitation on the number of groups a user can be
> associated with at once? I seem to be running into a 32 group
> limitation.... How can I bypass this?

The 32 group limit is set in the kernel source. Basically, the kernel must
keep track of every process's supplemental group list. Given the way most
system calls are implemented by libc, you could probably edit
/usr/src/linux/asm/params.h, bump that number up, and simply recompile the
kernel, but typically there's a way around such tweaking.

What exactly are you trying to do that would require a user to be a member
of 32 groups simultaneously?

I seem to recall that newgrp will allow you to set any group id as your
primary group (spawning a new shell in the process), and that might work
for a group that you only need to use occasionally.

Charles Lepple <>

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