Re: Limitation of groups per user??????

Subject: Re: Limitation of groups per user??????
From: Robert Vogt IV (
Date: Wed Apr 18 2001 - 03:15:25 MDT

> > Is there a limitation on the number of groups a user can be
> > associated with at once? I seem to be running into a 32 group
> > limitation.... How can I bypass this?
> The 32 group limit is set in the kernel source. Basically, the kernel must
> keep track of every process's supplemental group list. Given the way most
> system calls are implemented by libc, you could probably edit
> /usr/src/linux/asm/params.h, bump that number up, and simply recompile the
> kernel, but typically there's a way around such tweaking.
        Any ideas? I'm using the stock YDL 1.2 kernel, 2.2.15 or
something... Otherwise, where can I get the exact configuration used for
the currect kernel by TerraSoft?

> What exactly are you trying to do that would require a user to be a member
> of 32 groups simultaneously?
        Each virtual host gets its own user/group (group consisting of
user and apache). Apache then needs to be a member of all of these
groups.... :)

> I seem to recall that newgrp will allow you to set any group id as your
> primary group (spawning a new shell in the process), and that might work
> for a group that you only need to use occasionally.
        Yes, but its a daemon.



                        Robert Vogt IV

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