How do I boot a Mac from the CD?

Subject: How do I boot a Mac from the CD?
From: Mike Melanson (
Date: Tue Apr 24 2001 - 21:03:32 MDT

        I purchased a used PowerComputing PowerTower/166 and I want to get
some variant of Linux running on it. I am definitely not new to Linux; I
have successfully installed and maintained it on a variety of i386

        I know I can make this Linux-on-PPC thing fly if I can just
get to the installer. First, I'm supposed to boot the Mac from the MacOS
CD-ROM. How do I do this? I put in the MacOS CD-ROM (which is only v7.6
when v8 is on the Mac). The Yellow Dog Linux install guide file says
to hold down 'C' during startup to boot from CD. That doesn't work. The
PowerComputing book that came with the system implies that simply having
the CD-ROM in the drive at startup will cause it to boot off the
CD-ROM. That sure doesn't work. The book also goes on to talk about the
shift-option-apple-delete sequence and that keeps the services from
booting up. But it doesn't boot from the CD.

        So how do I boot MacOS from the CD so I can repartition the drives
and launch a Linux installer?


	-Mike Melanson

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