Zip Disk problems

Subject: Zip Disk problems
From: Jake Byrnes (
Date: Wed Apr 25 2001 - 09:20:23 MDT


i'm running YDL as a dual-boot on a mac G4. i'm wondering if anybody
can help me with getting my zip disk to work properly. Somehow, all
users are able to access it to mount, read, and write files.
However, whenever anyone (other than the root) attempts to unmount or
eject the disk, it says the device is busy. I do this all in a shell
window to check for error messages. Then, if I log in as the
superuser in the shell, I can unmount and eject the disk. If I
unmount it as superuser, and then go back to being a regular user,
when I try to eject the disk or even just remount it, it says it is
unable to find or access /dev/hdd4. I mentioned the problem briefly
to a friend, and he suggested that I try to check the device
permissions in the fstab file. I did this and found that /mnt/zip
has the word "USER" in the permissions which my friend said might be
missing and causing the problem. I'm looking for any other possible
help you have to offer. I've tried making a direct copy of the
/mnt/zip file from the root account to my own user account to test if
this had something to do with it, but this didn't change anything. I
thought that it may be in the overall group structure on the system
also, but I don't really know where to begin changing things. any
other suggestions would be greatly appreciated. please describe any
suggestions in the simplest terms. i'm very new to linux.



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