Kernel Panic on CS 1.2 Install...

Subject: Kernel Panic on CS 1.2 Install...
From: Jeff Ross (
Date: Fri Apr 27 2001 - 20:03:30 MDT


I just tried to install YDL CS1.2 on a friend of mine's soupled up 8500.
I've done a couple of YDL installs before, and just did another one to
make sure I had the procedure down.

After the superblocks on the first partition were written to disk, we got
a kernel panic. The exact message was "kernel panic: kernel access of
bad area pc c0155104 lrco14f8f8 address DC80B000 tsk mke2fs/30".

Hardware details: 8500 with 432 megs of ram (yes, 432), NewerTech 300 Mhz
G3 processor, OrangeMicro USB/FireWire PCI card. Installation is on a
refurbed Seagate Barracuda 9GB, split into 4 partitions: 2 MacOS
Extended, 1 MacOS Standard (150 MB, for YDL System installation), balance
for YDL.

Using pdisk, we split the Unallocated part of the Barracuda into 128MB
swap, 500MB /home, 100MB /tmp, and balance into /.

We actually had a kernel panic in a previous installation attempt, but it
was before pdisk was called and I thought it was just a fluke. Maybe that
was the first sign of trouble ahead. We powered down and started
over. Second time through we had the kernel panic. Yes, we did a hard
restart after writing the partition table.

I'm stumped...and looking for ideas.

Thanks in advance,

Jeff Ross

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