Re: Illogical compression schemes

Subject: Re: Illogical compression schemes
From: Matthew 'Fringe' Duhan (
Date: Fri Apr 27 2001 - 22:36:27 MDT

On Fri, 27 Apr 2001, Mike Melanson wrote:
> It's me, everyone's favorite Mac illiterate. I still haven't given
>up trying to put Linux on this PPC. I got Appletalk sharing to work
>between the PPC and a Linux box so I can now easily transport files to the
>PPC. Now the trick is *using* them.
> Let me see if I have something straight about Macs:
> Most of the Mac files and programs you can obtain on the internet
>are available in either MacBinary (.bin), BinHex (.hqx), or Stuffit
>(.sit) formats, right? And you need Stuffit or a comparable program in
>order to decode any of these three formats, right? And all such programs
>are distributed in either .bin, .hqx, or .sit format, right? I just wanted
>to make sure I'm not missing anything before my head explodes from the
>paradox...:) I see that there are self-extracting archives (.sea) files
>which the MacOS can actually handle natively, but can I even download a
>simple .hqx decoder in .sea format? Windows seems to have this
>self-extracting executable idea down pretty well; why is it so difficult
>on a Mac?
> And I can't seem to find any of these basic compression utilities
>on the CDs that came with my system (MacOS 7.6 and PowerComputing software
>CD). And this is a fresh MacOS install so I'm left with nothing.
> I hope you all find this challenge as amusing as I do...:)
> -Mike Melanson

Check this out for Aladdin's solution to the chicken and egg problem:

Also, expander is available for Win and Linux as well as Mac. Decode it
there and transfer the files via appletalk. ;)

Hope this helps,
Matthew Duhan
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