Re: Re How to configure and start Afterstep

Subject: Re: Re How to configure and start Afterstep
From: Pablo Fernandez (
Date: Fri Dec 01 2000 - 07:32:26 MST

Thanks Bryce,

I have read about installation at I
think Im gonna try it this weekend.

Thanks for the advice...



--- bryce <> wrote:
> I haven't spent too much time with afterstep... i
> found it just too
> disorenting. But i will tell you that WindowMaker,
> and BlackBox compile
> and install nicely with YDL 1.2.1. I like blackbox
> cause its quick, and
> takes up little memory to run, allowing more for
> things like xmms, and
> mozilla ( which is a real mem hog).
> i know i haven't helped, but i thought that would
> share.
> b.

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