Re: D'L or buy CDs? Which better?

Subject: Re: D'L or buy CDs? Which better?
From: Jonathan Bertsch (
Date: Fri Dec 01 2000 - 15:59:45 MST

> Have already downloaded and burned a LinuxPPC CD (not installed yet).


> Are there benefits to actually buying the package? What more is there in
> the published set that is missing from the download and may be
> valuable/indispensable?

I just downloaded Yellow Dog CS 1.2.1 and burned it up, the only thing you
might get in buying it is a nice binder and some instaliation support, and
a manual(which can also be downloaded). As for the installition support,
this list has been helped alot, and for free... Don't get me wrong, I'm
all for supporting linux, but if your a college student like me it's nice
to not have to worry about spending alot of money on software, and when
you plan to major in computer science its nice to have all the programing
languages/compilers, etc, and not have to pay so much for Microsoft Visual

Jonathan Bertsch

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