Re: Good USB cdrom burner software

Subject: Re: Good USB cdrom burner software
From: Dima Pasechnik (
Date: Sun Dec 03 2000 - 16:18:18 MST

"Steve McGrane" <> writes:

> A quick look on reveals Gnome Toaster, but that still doesn't
> mean that it will work with your USB drive. Have you been able to get the
> cdrom to show up as a mountable device in YDL yet?
All the GUI Linux CD burning software are basically frontends
to cdrecord (or to cdrdao, for making audio cd's), and to
various applications that prepare data for writing on the disk, like mkisofs.

IDE/ATAPI CD-burners are using the same protocol (SCSI)
as SCSI devices. The way cdrecord and cdrdao work with IDE/ATAPI
recorders is by using SCSI emulation for ATAPI devices.
The same is true for (all?) USB recorders.

As long as cdrecord supports a non-USB version of a cd-burner,
it would happily work with a USB one, provided the support
for USB is in the kernel.
I guess, in 2.4-kernels there is an option for SCSI emulation for
USB devices...


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