Re: 3400 and PCMCIA card

Subject: Re: 3400 and PCMCIA card
From: Kevin Diffily (
Date: Sun Dec 03 2000 - 18:45:36 MST

I regularly use a 3400. I have not had any problems with an Ethernet
or modem PCMCIA. It sounds as if you may have a hardware issue.

>Hi! Having just installed a freshly minted copy of YDL 1.2.1 on an
>abandoned 3400 I hope nobody minds a couple of questions, please. BTW,
>install went very smoothly, much impressed.
>I actually have a mad scheme to use this 3400 as a router/firewall.
>However, this rather depends on whether I can get a Psion Dacom PCMCIA
>ISDN card to work. First off, am I likely to get anywhere with this
>approach? Typically the card looks like a pseudo Hayes "AT" modem.
>Secondly, when I tried last night to ease this PCMCIA card in to the
>3400 it seemed like it was getting physically wedged in the card slot (I
>tried both). I chickened out at 80% insertion and yanked it back out
>(took a fair bit of finger tip force). I really know very little about
>PCMCIA card compatibility with a 3400, comments welcome (or where I
>should look for h/w info).
> Martin Reed <>

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