Re: Network Card Settings

Subject: Re: Network Card Settings
From: Stefan Jeglinski (
Date: Tue Dec 05 2000 - 11:55:38 MST

>Is there any way to force a network card to connect at 100Mbps/full duplex?
>Auto-negotiation doesn't seem to be working properly for me here. Although
>I can lock the network switch itself at 100Mbps/full duplex, my YD box
>doesn't always connect that way. Obviously having the network switch at
>full duplex and the server at half is a very bad thing.
>Network card in question is a Kingston card. There must be some way to
>force the link config on these cards?

You can sleuth the source code of the driver, patch it, and recompile
the kernel with fixed network settings.

Much better is to compile it as a module and start it with your own
command line statement. The command line switches are usually
documented in the source. For example (from de4x5.c):

insmod de4x5 args='eth1:fdx autosense=BNC eth0:autosense=100Mb'

Stefan Jeglinski

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