Re: Unstuffing and installing

Subject: Re: Unstuffing and installing
From: Graham Leggett (
Date: Tue Dec 05 2000 - 17:03:58 MST

Patrick Callahan wrote:

> This strategy works extremely well for anything Terrasoft puts out. I use it on anything that is available from them directly. But since not all RPMS are created by Terrasoft, wouldn't there be differences that rpm
> couldn't handle? What would happen if someone with required files in /opt created an rpm and I tried to install it on my machine. Would the files land in /opt correctly?


> Would the /opt directory get created by rpm if
> it did not exist?


> Also what happens if I've upgraded a library and the rpm insists on a version that is no longer current?

If this is the case then you won't be able to install the package
because of a dependancy check failure.

RPMS are rather nifty - it will create the directories and files where
they need to be, and add things like users or groups for you where
necessary. RPM files can have dependancies associated with them - in
other words if you're missing a library, it will tell you when you try
to install the RPM. If you try and de-install an RPM that other packages
depend on, RPM will complain. It's pretty good at keeping your system
sane. I usually install RPMs when they are available, and only build
from source if I have to - saves a whole lot of hassle.


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