WindowMaker display problems

Subject: WindowMaker display problems
From: Frank Budesa (
Date: Tue Dec 05 2000 - 21:46:04 MST

I have recently downloaded, compiled and installed WindowMaker-0.62.1, but
when I run X, the background, titlebars, and icons all have white spots all
over them. The rpms work after an initial install, but not after a source
install. I DID remove the rpms before I installed from source (WindowMaker
and libPropList), and I have all of the graphics libraries installed
(libtiff, libxpm,...). I have been able to get rid of the spots on the
titlebars by checking the 'Disable dithering in any visual/depth' option in No other settings have an effect.
My machine is a powermac 8500/120 with 32Mb of ram. I'm using the built-in
video(2Mb ram) with a Apple Multiple Scan 17" monitor, and I'm using Xpmac.
Any help is appreciated.

-- Frank Budesa

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