Re: gcc compiling for Mac OS, Unix, Windows

Subject: Re: gcc compiling for Mac OS, Unix, Windows
From: dima pasechnik (
Date: Thu Dec 07 2000 - 13:51:04 MST

op 07-12-2000 21:22 schreef Hollis R Blanchard op

> On Thu, 7 Dec 2000, Fernando Q. Corvinos wrote:
>> Hi, for me man for gcc is too much. So I need to send this question.Is it
>> possible to compile, link..........a source program and decide but type of
>> executable file do you want.I mean, Can I choose the final system where
>> the file will be launch.
>> I.E------->I make a source program hello.c and then get a file to
>> UNIX,WIN95 8-( and MacOS.
> You can't. What you can do is take your hello.c and compile it under (for
> example) CodeWarrior, gcc, and MS Visual Studio (assuming we're talking
> straight C).
This is not quite true.
gcc can be built as a cross-compiler, so that it can produce object code (or
for whatever platform it is ported to (even PalmOS, afaik, in the sense that
it can emit the processor code for this machine), irrespectively of the
platform that it can run on
gcc is fully ported to Windows and comes as a part of Cygwin (see
This means that yes, in principle you can build Windows programs on Linux,
(and this Linux can be a PPC Linux!), or the other way around, if you

Though gcc is not ported to MacOS.
Dunno if there is a way of taking, say, LinuxPPC executable and run it on
MacOS somehow...


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