Re: New 466 iBook SE

Subject: Re: New 466 iBook SE
From: dima pasechnik (
Date: Thu Dec 07 2000 - 14:37:32 MST

op 07-12-2000 07:08 schreef Sean Hogston op

> OK I have a new iBook 466SE (as in 1 day old) and am already tired of the
> mac os so I figured I would load YDL since I love it on my G3 B&W.
> I had not checked my mail for the list in a while so I had 3500 messages to
> search through for a solution to the iBook.
> Here is my question:
> Has anyone figured out how to set it up on the new 466SE iBooks? I saw alot
> of postings about problems but no real solutions.
IMHO, this is not trivial.
My message about new iBook support to presales support of YDL went
unanswered and I spent a while trying to make it work.
Then I gave up and am now waiting for CDs with Suse Linux 7.0 PPC from to arrive.
I contacted Suse by email and was assured that it's going to work. I'll


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