Xautoconfig 0.12

Subject: Xautoconfig 0.12
From: Tom Rini (trini@kernel.crashing.org)
Date: Mon Dec 11 2000 - 09:56:05 MST

Hey all, I've put out a new version of Xautoconfig, 0.12:
Changes from 0.10:
  Fix a silly error in Xautoconfig3 (Bad modeline generated).
  Include a wrapper script (Xautoconfig_wrapper) from Jeff Carr to determine
    which version to run, and to parse /proc/cmdline for a depth= arg to run
    setup for use in X and console.
Changes from 0.11:
  Move the fontserver fontpaths up to the front (XFree86 4).
  Let the user know creation worked.
  Try and deal with depth 15 / 16 (both 16 bpp) better.
  Depth of 24, 32bpp.
  Rename Xautoconfig_wrapper to Xautoconfig_wrapper.pl.
   - Make it work with X 4 properly.
   - Check for Xpmac and exit.
   - Run Xautoconfig silently.


Tom Rini (TR1265)

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