Re: USB not working

Subject: Re: USB not working
Date: Tue Dec 12 2000 - 08:30:25 MST

     What version of the kernel are you using? If you are using a new
kernel version you need to update the dev directory mouse entry. Try
typing uname -a to find out the kernel version. I had to do this on my Dual
CPU G4s using 2.2.17pre20-ben3.

mkdir /dev/input
cd /dev/input
mknod mice c 13 63
cd /dev
rm mouse
ln -s input/mice mouse

This should create a /dev/mouse sym link to the character special file

Good Luck
Brian Waite

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Reid Anderson <> on 12/10/2000 10:17:42 PM

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cc: (bcc: Brian Waite/CSP)
Subject: USB not working

Watching closely during boot-up, I can see usb mouse driver loaded, usb
keyboard driver loaded, usb hub driver loaded, but then when it's all
finished booting I get no mouse or keyboard! I checked the PCI card listing
and I can see the USB card I have in my beige g3. Any suggestions???

     Reid Anderson

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